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Prince William concerned about his Brother Prince Harry

After the latest reports, we know the whole story about two brothers Prince William and his brother Prince Harry. BBC told that Prince William concerned about Prince Harry after a TV interview. He shares his worries with us through an interview. 

In a TV interview, Prince Harry discusses the rumours of a “rift” with Prince William. Also, he told us how he and his brother are on “different paths. According to reports, Britain’s Prince William worried about his brother. This started after Prince Harry, and wife Meghan Markle spoke out about their struggle to live under a global spotlight. 

Similarly, the corporation source as saying there was a view that the couple was in a fragile place. At that moment, William was worried about his younger brother. And then he is hoping that they “are all right.” Thus, the ITV television channel broadcast a documentary On Sunday 1 December 2019. Which filmed during the couple’s recent tour of Africa. 

In an interview, Harry said the media thinks that he killed his mother, Princess Diana. That is the wrong thought. Because a son can’t kill his beloved mother. More is that media blames that revealed a rift had developed with his brother. That is also wrong. He is not on different paths because he is with his brother. 

As everyone knows that Diana became photographed women. And she gains popularity to capture maximum photos on this planet. Then she married with the throne, Prince Charles. In 1997, she died in the car crash during the shoots of photographs in the streets of Paris. 

Prince Harry discusses the rumours of a “rift” with Prince William and how he and his brother are on “different paths.”

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