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Some Effective ways that can Stop Drivers from Quitting

Stop Drivers from Quitting

The trucking industry is slowly sinking due to the shortage of drivers. Mind you, it is not for lack of skilled personnel but the fact that drivers keep quitting now and that. Solutions from the likes of Avatar Fleet have helped companies with tools to keep drivers on board, but there is just only so much that software can do. The employers also have to play their role to save this industry from getting into serious trouble. This article highlights ways that can stop drivers from quitting. Therefore, if you own a trucking business, read on for the sake of the future of your business.

1. Increase their wages

It doesn’t necessarily mean increasing what you pay them, but paying by the mile is undeniably outdated. After all, terrible road conditions, metro areas traffic which keeps rising and detours have a way of eating to the driver’s pay if that method is applied. Under such circumstances, you can rest assured that the chances of your driver quitting are high. Instead of such a demotivation pay, employers should consider hourly rates. For this to become a reality, shipping rates must become flexible as well. If the driver has to load and unload the freight, it is fair you add a labour fee. Fuel economy, safety and signing bonuses could also help if implemented.

2. Change the industry’s culture for the better

For so long, long routes have been the order of the day in the fleets industry. Consequently, that’s making driving hard, and drivers consider quitting to get away from the same. That’s not good for the sector because the shortage of drivers can paralyze it. That’s why it is high time employers started considering relatively short routes. If the load needs to be transported over a long distance, more than one driver per trip will play the trick. Preferably, let them be in the various drop off points. Upon arriving at one, the driver should alight, and another one proceeds with the journey and so on. Everyone wants to be with their families, and short routes would make it possible for drivers to do so daily.

3. Appreciate drivers

Drivers are also human beings, and they need to be treated right. Therefore, every other part of the team, including dispatch, customers, supervisors and management, should respect them. They may not be your equal, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve respect. Make them feel part of the organization by acknowledging that they play a role in its success.

4. Expectations

Once you make a promise to someone, expectations are set. I don’t see how not meeting those expectations will stop your driver from quitting. That’s why you need to keep your promises and, equally important, avoid making promises that you can’t keep. Otherwise, you will break someone’s heart resulting in walking away.

5. Honesty

Some employers will be kind enough to pay their drivers hourly. That’s a great thing to do, but it also demands honesty for it to be a success. Otherwise, it will end up frustrating your driver, which will drive him to resign. How? What do you expect when you pay hourly but choose not to count the hours accurately? The driver will end up receiving less than what he deserves, and that’s not something people appreciate.


It is no secret that drivers are at the moment experiencing ordeals that push them to leave the industry. That has seen an emerging shortage that’s affecting the industry adversely come up. Therefore, it is high time the interested parties played their roles. It is time they stop drivers from quitting using the various possible ways.

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