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Stratus: Spearheading the Campaign To Bring Financial Services to the Unbanked

Stratus, the world’s most prolific, convenient, and user-friendly social media ecosystem, launched on November 27, 2020. This feature-rich social ecosystem offers a superior alternative to current internet-based services, including banking, communication, and entertainment. 

Stratus displays the local, global, blog, market, and wallet hubs on its dashboard, all of which help the users in their different needs. For instance, the local hub hosts functionalities similar to those available on Facebook, including friends, groups, @mentions, etc. The global hub functions like Twitter, with features like hashtags, video sharing, etc. 

Stratus also aims to be an educational tool, with a blog hub containing numerous informative articles that researchers, students, and all who seek knowledge can utilize. As a center for innovation, Stratus gives users space to create audio, video, and written content that is freely accessible to all users.  

The platform also differs from its competitors in that it champions free speech in the world of social media. Stratus developers and Apollo fintech CEO Stephen MacCullah believe that freedom of expression is a fundamental human right and has ensured that any social media user can express themselves on the platform freely. 

Stratus has set up anti-censorship policies for all content to foster the free flow of ideas on the internet. Instead, the platform tasks its employees with the work of protecting everyone’s content, be it journalistic or creative. Apollo Stratus users will, therefore, have the freedom to choose what they and their families can view and what not to view instead of relying on third parties to channel what they view to their feeds. 

Apollo Stratus is also the first platform to offer top reliability of social media services, with zero downtimes and maximum security. Its second phase aims to introduce alternatives to other platforms like Instagram, Coinbase Robinhood, etc. 

Stratus Can Bank the Unbanked

There are currently over 1.7 billion unbanked people globally, all because of the numerous accessibility and usability issues clouding the banking world. Banking platforms are mostly located in town centers or highly populated areas in urbanized communities. Therefore, people living in rural areas often lack access to the financial services they so desperately need.

Stratus, as a social media platform, puts on a fight to bank the unbanked. Foremost, it has online wallets that will help people trade using payment features similar to PayPal. 

To speed up accessibility to banking, Stratus is merging its efforts with Knox world pay, an Apollo based Central Bank Issued Cryptocurrency (CBDC). Knox will introduce a world of features, allowing central banks to issue digital currencies as sovereign currencies. It will have agents in all towns, including rural areas.

Because of Stratus’s advertising capability and Knox’s high accessibility in even the most remote areas, more people will gain access to vital banking services in a safe and covenant ecosystem. 

Knox will also foster cryptocurrencies’ widespread use with a unique banking tool that allows users to send bitcoin using SMS in less than 2 minutes. 

Introducing Top Security in Banking 

Stratus also introduces algorithms and encryption to ensure all transactions remain safe and all user details private. For instance, the system institutes IP masking techniques for every transaction going through the Apollo blockchain. 

IP masking guarantees that the IP address sending and receiving a payment remains completely untraceable, thus assuring all users on Stratus that their online transaction safety is guaranteed.

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