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Syria Fired four Rockets toward Israel  

The military said they have shot down four rockets that fired from Syria. Also mentioned, its missile defense system is best. That’s why they fired the missiles quickly. On Sunday, Syria fired its rockets toward Israel. This type of activity creates critical situations in both countries. 

The military told us all the conditions between Syria and Israel. Then the officers of the army said that the sirens warning of incoming rocket fire sounded in the area of Israel. A few minutes earlier, they had information about incoming rockets. Hence, they were ready to shot down the incoming missiles. So, they have ready their weapons to destroy those rockets. 

Syria fired four rockets toward Israel

However, the military had identified four launches from Syria towards Israeli territory. Thus, their defense systems intercepted by the Israeli air. Then the army said, “No hits on Israeli communities were identified.” It means that the military destroyed the rockets, and they do not become dangerous for the residents. 

The attacks were the cause of the 1967 war. Because Israel captured the Golan from Syria after the battle. Then Israel had annexed and settled it. This step was wrong, and Syria wants their city back till yet. These moves were also not accepted by most world powers. Now Syria attacks Israel and has demanded its return. 

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