The Best One-Hitter Ever – The Dart – The Ultimate One Hitter

“Our signature one hitter pipe is convenient, compact, and durable. Excellent for discreet smoking on the go and comes with a built in ash eject mechanism. Helps to conserve supply, provides fresh hits every time, and is a breeze to clean. For the best experience, pair your DART with one of our canisters.”

“Sometimes, you don’t feel like sparking up a whole blunt and smoking it to the dome yourself.”

These are statements from The Dart’s website and Instagram, and they’re just a taste of what the Dart movement is all about.

No longer is there a stigma about blazing up in public or enjoying a quick smoke on the go. The Dart is discrete, easy to use, and functional, offering an easy blend of style and performance for someone who wants to incorporate a quick hit throughout a busy lifestyle.


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