Entrepreneurship is a journey of passion, focus, overcoming hardship, and perseverance

Entrepreneurship is a journey of passion, focus, overcoming hardship, and perseverance. It is only meant for rare breeds, and is a path few follow.

Dave Fox is one of them:

Dave Fox, CEO of exponentially growing recruiting firm Focus GTS, is an entrepreneur who has used previous experience, hardship, and a die-hard passion for helping others to grow a skyrocketing brand in the ultra-competitive recruiting space. With a deep background in finance, Dave has led Focus GTS’ growth to multiple seven-figure revenues in its first two year.

Dave’s passion for risk-taking entrepreneurship and serving others is unmatched. He explains, 

“Building a business is not easy. Originally I was planning on partnering with someone but when I met the guy in person he turned out to be a psychopath. I had already quit my job at this point so I didn’t have a lot of opportunities. My wife and I incorporated the business, bought a domain and a couple of phones and began the process of building our company. There’s been many ups and downs in the first 18 months but we’ve been blessed with some great clients and invested a lot of money to get around the right people that could guide us as we grew the company… Luckily I have a finance degree so this has been one of our strong suits. One of the most difficult things in any business is managing cash flow but I’m proud to say we’ve been 100% self-funded and haven’t taken one penny from investors. We’ve strategically used small amounts of debt in the short term.”

Early on, Dave and his wife, Brittany, had the option of living an easy, comfortable life while dominating at their earlier jobs. But Dave realized that something was missing in the marketplace (the birth of any great entrepreneurial dream). He looked at the recruiting landscape and realized that there wasn’t a fast, efficient, streamlined process for helping niche technology companies find talent fast. Thus, Focus GTS was born.

Focus GTS is a niche IT staffing company with a focus on 3 core verticals: Digital Marketing Technology, Data Science/Artificial Intelligence, and Business Intelligence/Analytics. Having worked for a decade in the IT recruitment space, Dave has all the experience and ingredients he needed to build a stellar recruiting firm.

Dave’s co-founder, his wife, Brittany, has made every bit of the journey with him. 

As their home website explains, 

“Brittany oversees the day to day operation of Focus GTS as well as the recruitment for Data Science and AI. Brittany has a way of helping people with some of the most important decisions they will encounter in life, like purchasing a home and finding a place to work. When Brittany is not focusing on the recruiting and Focus GTS she can be found doing yoga.”

Great entrepreneurship starts with an idea… and a passion to bring it to life. Thankfully, Dave Fox has both.

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