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The cost of Coronavirus, the World has set $3 trillion to the side so far

The economy of the World has gone for a throw due to the effects of the Coronavirus. The World dedicates the amount of $3 trillion to fight with the increasing impact of the mystifying new infection.

Europe is bearing the cost with the central bank distribution of $820 billion in its Epidemic Emergency Buying Programme. This plan is going to increase $4 trillion while other intentional incentive packages are also ready.

Top most 10 countries financial support

  • China

Government Figure: At least 5 million people in China lost their jobs. The pandemic cost to china is up to $196 billion. 

  • European Union

The European Central bank offers $820 billion extra funds to support the financial burden on its associate countries. 

The European Union Commission Proclamation

There is a $43 billion corona investment trust to support the finance, healthcare setup, and other critical sections. He also stated that the running EU asset aid would make sure the $9.3 billion in loans. This fund contains 100, 000 small, and average initiatives. 

  • US

The central American fall-back is fast on the draw, as it minimizes interest rates to zero. It is also fast as it threw a $700 billion incentive program to secure the US budget. 

In February, the Trump management insert $8 billion in an attempt to control the Covid-19. Currently, the US is also focusing on attaining a $1 trillion coronavirus incentive fund permitted by congress.  

  • Germany

The central bank is ready to loan the $610 billion to companies. The purpose of this fund is also to secure the jobs of the employees. 

  • UK

In the UK the situation is not peaceful. Due to the bad effect of the Coronavirus, Chancellor Rishi Sunak also declared a $403 billion link for the company. 

  • Spain

The stock market of Spain missed 40% of its values within a few days. The government approved a $222 billion incentive package on March 17. ​

  • Japan

The central bank is going to purchase the ETFs cost $113 billion during the year.  The administration also revealed a $4 billion helping fund to support the SMEs. 

  • Canada

Canada is the northern neighbor of the US. The Canadian government locked the boundaries. The administration is also not permitting general travel. The prime minister also approved $27 billion for direct economic help and $55 billion for tax delays.  

  • France

France approved its personal incentive aid to control the epidemic of coronavirus outburst on its budget. The minister also announced a $51 billion incentive package to support the 3.5 million corporate to control the influence. 

  • South Korea

At the start of the epidemic, South Korea attribute $240, 000 cost of loans for the airline section. On March 4, the government again attributes a $9.8 billion incentive package for tax income and business support. 

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