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The First CBDC Platform Redefining Mobile Transactions; Both Online and Offline SMS

The mobile market is substantially growing since its discovery, with vendors like Samsung and Apple leading the mobile industry’s path. A study conducted in 2019 revealed an increase in mobile phone ownership to 67% from an estimated 62.9% in 2016. 

The impressive smartphone features continue to attract a vast population. Among the fascinating features is the integration of online mobile banking platforms with a person’s phone. 

SMS payments, on the other hand, are a bit quicker and easier to use compared to online payments. It is usually an introductory text sent to a money service provider by the buyer. After that, the providers settle the bill between the buyer and the seller. 

Harnessing the capabilities of SMS transactions makes the movement of money more straightforward and convenient for users. Despite the comfort both models provide, what else do they bring to the table and ensure their sustainability?

Brief Examples of Mobile Transaction Platforms

Online and SMS transaction models are similar in that both of them utilize a mobile phone device. Simultaneously, the two are different since online payments require the internet to function, while SMS transactions do not require internet coverage. Nonetheless, to better understand them, we slightly dig into a few of the existing online payments and SMS based payments:


Paypal is one of the best online payment solutions, boasting of approximately 346 million active users. The network is highly effective as it supports the withdrawal of money in almost 56 currencies. It links users directly to their bank accounts. Therefore, if a shortage of money occurs while transacting with PayPal, users can pay using their bank accounts on the same platform.


It is an online payment network that provides custom made payment solutions to everyone. The platform is unique as it provides safety protocols like a radar for fraud protection measures. Stripe supports over 135 currencies with zero membership fees. 


Based in the United Kingdom, Pingit is a mobile payment option that supports transactions directly through a user’s phone number. Initially, the platform was limited to Barclays customers, but it currently serves every user, including non-Barclays customers. Everyone is qualified to receive payments, including those without the app or a smartphone.

NPP Addresses the Issue of Usability

The National Payment Platform has a visionary idea of banking every unbanked individual. A report suggests that the estimated number of people without a bank account stands at 1.7 billion. Besides, a majority of the unbanked individuals reside from lower backgrounds. 

However, with the NPP platform, every user is eligible to use the network for transactional purposes without a smartphone. As long as a user has a working mobile phone, SMS transactions are possible and more accessible. 

Mass usability by users in NPP encourages increased adoption levels for cashless transactions. Other than banking the unbanked, blockchain utilization is another goal usability establishes. The issuance of the Central Bank Digital Currency through the NPP system allows central banks to use transparent and secure technology. 

Governments may be able to implement blockchain technology nationally. Online payments by NPP also gives users the ability to deposit and withdraw their money. It also facilitates funds transfers between wallets and beyond. NPP provides better, improved, and comfortable mobile payment systems that fuel an economy to greater heights.

The Benefits NPP Achieves From Mobile Transaction Systems

Wielding the power of online payments together with SMS transactions comes with the following merits


For a system running under Apollo Fintech, NPP ultimately employs blockchain technology. The immutable distributed ledger is transparent as it displays every transaction detail that occurs. Blockchain technology prevents any manipulation of data


Unlike heading to the bank to make payments, users in the NPP system save more time. Additionally, users enjoy faster transaction processing at lower fees.


Following the implementation of SMS payment methods, NPP users can make and initiate payments anywhere without a smartphone feature.


The sovereign currency every user owns in their digital wallets is safe. Furthermore, the NPP mobile system eradicates the physical handling of money, which, in most cases, leads to loss or theft. Displaying every transaction data on the public ledger is also a safety measure since every record is traceable. No personal information is revealed when using mobile payments on the NPP system, therefore safeguarding the user from identity theft.

Final Word

Incorporating mobile payments on the NPP system is going to uplift the current crippling market. It is set to attract more users considering its significant efficiencies. The quantum resistance encryption of data ensures the protection of NPP from quantum computers.

Besides, NPP boasts of other modernized features to keep it running effectively. Merchants can get onboard the NPP system, advertise their goods, and sell them on the same platform. Other than conducting peer-to-peer transactions through SMS, NPP presents other payment forms, including QR codes, offline codes, and cards.

The support of Apollo Fintech makes it possible for the future of NPP to thrive as a smooth payment platform.

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