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What is Electrical Appliance Tagging?

When you go to the market to buy any electrical appliance or machine, you will find a tag on the product somewhere. This tag will state the fact that the device is safe for use and it has been tested by a specific person on a specific date. It will also mention the date for the next due test. Unless you see this tag on the electrical product that you intend to buy, it is not suggested for you to purchase the product.

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What Do You Mean by Test and Tag?

The tag discussed above is the result of a test that is done on the electronic product. In other words, when you talk about test and tag, it basically refers to a process of checking the safety levels of various electronic portable appliances and devices. The process from basically involves two parts – visual inspection and electrical testing.

The professional given the responsibility of testing electrical appliances will firstly inspect the product visually for any visible faults and damages to it. This will be followed by electrical testing with the help of a Portable Appliance Tester. Once a product has successfully undergone the testing process, it will be me available for consumers with a tag that will confirm that it has been tested. The tag will also state the name of the person who has tested it, the date of the test and the next due date for the test.

Most of you may wonder why electronic items have to undergo such rigorous tests. Well, these tests are conducted to ensure that proper safety of the users of the product at home and at workplaces, while lowering any risks of an electrical hazard.

Who Needs to Undergo the Process?

Well, practically every industry needs to undergo this process f test and tag for their equipment and appliances. However, the frequency of the tests varies depending upon the industry and the way electrical appliances and machines are being used in the industry. For example, various industries, such as demolition and construction, have to get their machines and appliances tested and tagged once every 3 months. The reason being that these industries use their machines rather harshly. As a result of this, their equipment tends to get damaged much faster than any other industry.

It is important for you to understand that testing and tagging of various electrical appliances is not mandatory in other workplaces apart from some chosen ones. Nonetheless, it is the job of the employer to ensure proper safety to his employees. This can be done by testing and tagging their machines periodically. This will also make sure that chances of accidents due to these machines are reduced.

Who Can Test and Tag?

Most of you may believe that only electricians are allowed to test and tag electronic devices and machines. However, any person who has undertaken proper test and tag course will be considered competent enough to carry out the process. He should have the skills and knowledge of using the Portable Appliance Tester properly and correctly.

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