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Afghan peace effort inches forward after the U.S. threatens to cut $1 billion in aid

Afghan peace effort inches forward after U.S.

KABUL —The United States endangered to get back $1 billion in assistance to control a political disaster. It threat the continuing U.S.Taliban peace agreement contracted last month. The Afghan government and the Taliban tried to bring two sides nearer to start official discussions.

On Wednesday, the Taliban and the Afghan government settled on incomplete prisoner exchange at the last of the month.

The American administration proclaimed;

They will talk to the Taliban legislatures in Afghanistan in the upcoming days for more details.

According to Zalmay Khalilzad;

”It is good progress.” 

It is possible that the American support withdraws threat to force the Afghan government and the Taliban to further discuss. 

Current World Bank report stated;

Afghanistan depends on about $8.5 billion in external support each year.  

Afghanistan will endure seriously reliant on international help for years irrespective of modifications in the safety condition.

According to the Afghanistan government;

“Afghan government will release 100 Taliban prisoners on the humanitarian ground, including health up to March 31. The Afghan governments will release the Taliban prisoners after assurance by prisoners and Taliban that they will not rejoin the battle.

In spite of the statement of the government of more discussion, the Taliban stated, “A delegation of Taliban will also travel to Afghanistan just to appropriately confirm the identities of the prisoners up for release.

The peace agreement of the Taliban and the U.S., signed last month in Doha, set the exchange of prisoners up to 1000 Afghan security forces members and 5000 Taliban fighters up to March 10.

But the government of Afghanistan swiftly came out to oppose the timeline, and the last date passed.

The prospect of discussion between the Taliban and the government of Afghanistan is complex by unclear results of the election. It damaged the political power in Kabul. Both the president of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani and his opponent Abdullah Abdullah declare victory and held parallel inaugurations in weeks of spite of diplomatic efforts to evade the spectacle. Upset by the lack of development, the state department consent to cut $1B in support of Afghanistan this week. Mike Pompeo declared the cut of $1B after having talks in Kabul with Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani on a unity administration.

On Thursday, in community remarks on Afghan television;

Abdullah request for help from native leaders to solve the disaster. 

He stated;

“We are ready for discussion and discourse. None of us is in favor of the persistence of catastrophe, nor we are in support of its continuation.”

”Ghani claimed that support cut “will not have a straight effect on our key sectors. We will try to remove the distance by accepting the severity steps. We are also trying to adopt substitute sources.”

But according to the experts;

It is not conceivable for the Afghan government to offer the same stages of facilities with $1 billion reduced from its budget.

According to the World Bank report;

Such cuts can endanger community reserves devoted to helping the economic development and falling poverty.

In spite of the trillions consumed in world-wide support in Afghanistan, the country remains one of the lowliest in the world. The United States alone devoted up to $133 billion on rebuilding, helping programs, and the Afghan refuge forces since 2001.

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