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PM Modi: Waiting to Attend G20 Summit on Coronavirus

Indian PM Modi says;

”He is waiting for fruitful debates tomorrow at the G20 Summit.”

It is also going to be held in the presidency of Saudi G20.

In a tweet, Modi said that the G20 has a significant international role to play in addressing the COVID-19 deadly disease.
The leaders of the European Union and 19 industrialized countries will talk about the international coronavirus disaster through video conference to make an action plan.
China, U.S. to leave behind differences in G20 coronavirus summit: SCMP
China and the U.S. are likely to call a time out on their blame game about coronavirus.

According to the SCMP;

They will focus on the challenges of the deadly disease when G20 leaders hold discussions through video conference on Thursday,
The deadly disease has spread around all over the world. The virus infected about 470K people. 20000 people also died from all over the world.
The leaders of the G20 nations are likely to agree that the outburst is a danger for humanity. They will also set up a mechanism of information sharing and experience sharing to fight with the virus.

In a tweet, Saudi King Salman said,

“Though the world is fighting with coronavirus pandemic and the difficulties to the health care systems and the international economy, we call this G20 summit to join efforts towards an international response.”
The empire that holds the presidency of the G20 this year, will host leaders through video conference among the criticism of the sluggish response to the crisis.
The concentrate will also be on the U.S. and China. Because both countries are busy in a war of words about the outburst of the coronavirus, against the backdrop of a trade clash.
The reference of the Secretary of the State of the U.S. Mike Pompeo to the “Chinese virus,” a term that President Trump repetitively used, has very much annoyed Beijing.
Moreover, he also blamed China for not sharing the information on time about the deadly disease. He further accused China of creating dangers to the people of the globe.

According to Beijing;

Some of the politicians of the United States were also using deadly disease as a weapon to smear China.

Beijing further says that actions, along with quarantining millions of people, had earned the world “valuable time” to get ready.
It has also become a doubtful concept that the virus is initiated in China.

Spokesman of a foreign ministry stated;

Maybe the military of the United States convey it to the country. In this way, it also increased the tension between the two nations.

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