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Australia coronavirus cases getting stable, Celebrity Solstice cruise back to Sydney Harbour

MELBOURNE – Australia stated a steady decline in new coronavirus contagions on Saturday. Australia showed the significant peace maritime operation on Sydney Harbour on Saturday, refilling overseas voyage ships before ejecting them from local waters.

According to the Ministry of Health data;

The number of confirmed cases increases to 198 by 24 hours on Saturday afternoon. Now the national total is 5,548. COVID-19, the number of respiratory illnesses caused by the virus has risen to 30.

This puts the new rate of daily contagion in the country at about 5.5%, down from the 25-30% increase recorded two weeks ago. On the other hand, administrators worried that claiming conquest is still too early.

Deputy Chief Health Officer Paul Kelly stated on the television conference;

“What I really would caution against is thinking we have got through this completely, because we definitely have not,” “We really have to be hypervigilant now.”

Australia forced firm social distance, as restricting public meetings to only two people. Australia also shut down the State boundaries, cafes, clubs, parks, and gyms.

Health Minister Greg Hunt expressed Sky News; “With all the hard work of Australians, real profits have been made in terms of preventing people’s lives and infections.” “Each of us can save our lives, or anyone of us, risking life by doing wrong.”

In Sydney, state police in New South Wales (NSW) was organizing the movement of five external flagship’s carrying staff to make fuel and supplies before returning to their home ports. 

australia-coronavirus-cases-getting-stable-celebrity-solstice-cruise-back-to-sydney-harbour 3

 Australia’s ship has become the epicenter of an outbreak of public outrage over the outbreak of public anger, with Carnival Corp’s Ruby Princess permission to board passengers in Sydney last month, many of them had a positive test for COVID-19.

Cruise ships account for approximately 20% of Coronavirus cases in Australia. Seven deaths and more than 600 infections have been attributed to Ruby Princess alone and just.

The operation in Sydney Harbour on Saturday was also allowing crew transfers among ships to enable workers to join the vessel heading closest to their home. Saturday’s operation in Sydney Harbor also permits ship crew transmissions. In this way, workers can join the ship near their homes.


The Foreign Ministry stated on Saturday;

 When cruise ships ordered to depart, that visas for workers arriving from the countries of the Pacific, who work as fruit troopers and farm laborers, for further 12 months will be allowed to increase.

Foreign Affairs Minister Maurice Payne said in a statement;

“This will help them and continue to make a significant influence on Australia’s agriculture sector and food security.” several people stuck in Australia because of this forbidden country’s International travel.

Several Australian research organizations join the international hunt for the COVID-19 vaccine. The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) is the highest biosecurity research agency in Australia.

australia-coronavirus-cases-getting-stable-celebrity-solstice-cruise-back-to-sydney-harbour 2

It started on Saturday;

They receive $ 220 million from the government to refresh its amenities.

On Thursday, the Australian National Science Agency, run by CSIRO mentioned;

They began pre-clinical testing of two potential vaccines near Melbourne with its high-capacity bio-security capability.

 In the meantime, Monash University in Melbourne says a subsequent study indicates that Ivermectin, a widely available anti-parasitic drug used to treat lice. It can also cause cell death within 48 hours.

In neighboring New Zealand, the number of confirmed cases rose on Saturday by 52 to 824, according to the health ministry data. New Zealand has reported one death so far from COVID-19.

According to Health Ministry data;

The total confirmed cases on Saturday in neighboring New Zealand has increased from 52 to 824. There is also a death in Quid 19 in New Zealand.

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