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China mourns for the people who died in the coronavirus pandemic

BEIJING / Wuhan, China – On Saturday China mourns to the people who died due to coronavirus. They fly national flags at half-mast all over the country and finishing all enjoyment.
The mourning day they have accorded with the beginning of the annual fair to clear the tomb when millions of Chinese families honor their ancestors.
At 10 am Beijing, the country held a three-minute silence in the grief of the dead, consisting of the medical workers and doctors. Cars, trains, and planes began to ring their horns and sirens of airstrikes.
The seat of political power in Beijing, President Xi Jinping, and other Chinese leaders gave a silent tribute to the national flag, as clinging white flowers to their chest.

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According to the Media report;

It is a sign of state grief. 

The statistics published by the National Health Commission states;

Up to 3,300 people die due to the virus in central China since the end of last year.

Wuhan province, the capital of Wuhan province and the center of outburst, all traffic lights in urban areas changed to red at 10 am, and all road traffic closed for three minutes.

While the wickedest was behind Wuhan, the virus feast all over the world since January. It kills up to a million people, killing up to 55,000 people and crippling the global economy.

Wuhan forbids all tomb-sweeping movements in their cemeteries until at least April 30.

Further, he also informed inhabitants most of those trapped in the house because of lockdown restrictions. They are using online streaming services to direct cemetery workers to perform these tasks.

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Online, stars consisting of “X-Men: Days of Future Past” star fan Bangbang have collected millions of “likes” of fans by turning their glamorous social media profile pictures into sunrise or grey photos.

According to the National Health Commission;

Chinese gaming and social media giant Tencent postponed all online games on Saturday.

Since Friday, the overall confirmed cases were 81,639, having 19 new infections. 

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Among the new cases involving eighteen of the passengers are coming from abroad. The other new infection was a native case in Wuhan. He was a patient who was already asymptomatic.
Asymptomatic people show some symptoms of infection, like fever or cough.
But, they are still suffering from infectious diseases. But the government advised local if this non-pesticides were not correctly checked.
As of Friday, 64 new asymptomatic cases were reported in China. They are 26 passengers arriving from overseas. It brings the overall asymptomatic individuals to 1,030 under medical observation, as well as 729 in Hubei.

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