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Bill Gates: Schools will reopen in the Autumn, but the economy will not mystically reappearance as it did

Gates hopes education will come back before the Coronavirus medicine becomes extensively accessible that will take 18 months.

According to him;

By the end of May, the United States can revive.

But he noted that the epidemic has totally shifted the way people perform. It will take a real treatment to make people hopefully enough to go out of their trust again.

Governments asked people to live in homes, and elected officials in Arizona, California, Georgia, Michigan, and Washington to remain close for the rest of the school year.

According to Bill Gates; 

Maybe people can come back to industry and building, and hopefully, education.

“I do not think that public events, like sports, will work unless we return to normal times. 

Gates identified businessmen in China who are actively returning and living in South Korea, one of the first countries to deal with the rise of the Coronavirus.

Further, he also recommended that the economy would not return to its epidemic like magic before, even once governments decided it was safe to return to work.

He stated;

People’s behavior in regard to traveling or to go to events or even going to a cafeteria has completely altered because of concerns about the disease.

Gates retired last month from Microsoft’s board that he formed 45 years ago. It was to focus on his health-related work at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The organization has pledged more than 100 million dollars to respond to the Coronavirus. Gates sponsored a Coronavirus test that people can do at home.  

In an interview, he advised;

During the interview, Gates suggested healing actions for sick people can start to roll out in four to six months. But it will consume at least 18 months to grow a secure and actual vaccine to stop COVID-19.

Moderna, CureVac, and others are using RNA treatment. This treatment in 2015 was originated well for epidemics. 

But bill gate stated;

The treatment is not good, specifically for the patients. 

“We don’t like to develop unworkable hopes. Vaccine effectiveness is always a big challenge for elderly people. You know, the flu vaccine is not effective in the elderly. 

Looking at widely examined countries such as Germany and China, Gates mentions the death rate is around 1% or 1.2%, presuming a “completely operative health system.”

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