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Meet Anthony Nyugen, The CEO of Dart, An Entrepreneur Poised for Success

An Entrepreneur Poised for Success

Anthony Nguyen’s entrepreneurial endeavors have all been an end result of his passions for his hobbies. He started out by pursuing his LED toy invention known as the SLYNG®, which led to the formation of a branding agency known as ONEUP Collaborations®, and his cutting-edge creation in the cannabis market known as the DART®. An alumnus of the prestigious University of California Irvine, Anthony began his entrepreneurial ventures before his current huge product.

The SLYNG is a creative skill toy that is simple, sleek, and compact enough to fit inside the pocket. The original model had a three-light installation and was designed for the EDM festival goers. After jokingly telling his buddies that his dream gig would be to “do light shows whenever wherever” after getting back from an EDM concert, Anthony started pursuing the dream of being able to do that by means of developing his own precise product for light shows. Eventually, he started working on designing the prototype and seeking to raise funding through crowdfunding as he was helped by his close friends.

For the next few months, Anthony and his team had been tested through the challenges each entrepreneur faces; they partnered with a huge range of stream experts and individuals of the performing arts world as well as attempted to establish the proper marketing strategy to generate sales when the product was ready. It began straightforwardly, with store-bought parts in California and advanced into the three-light arrangement that is seen today. The SLYNG has been an important piece of his journey and he and his team are transitioning from marketing it as a performance toy to focusing on the fidget and skill toy world.

The DART is the present day one-hitter that was designed to offer a streamlined method to smoking cannabis. They have been featured by using High Times Magazine, currently in 50 countries, and are working with the biggest brands in the industry.

One hitters have been around for a while but many were short-lived due to the lack of pleasantness of the gadgets in addition to the overheating and airflow issues. The DART was created to address all the common flaws that were present in the market. His current goal is to inspire other designers and creators with his tale and believes in educating consumers and developing focus to help break the stigmas related to cannabis use. Many times, cannabis leaves a horrific taste inside the mouth of lawmakers in addition to many Americans but Anthony desires to change that and shed light on all the benefits that the plant provides.

The DART has specifications which include anodized aircraft aluminum, making it highly durable and high heat resistant. In addition, the DART is simple to maintain with its self-ashing system along with effective airflow out of the device. The flower chamber allows for absolutely using every milligram of the supply as Anthony’s solution is optimal, sleek, and convenient. 

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