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Easily prevented in Spain, Austria, but WHO has warned the Coronavirus ‘certainly’ is not over

Spain and Austria granted incomplete withdrawals on Tuesday. But Britain, France, and India tried to curb the Coronavirus outbreak by raising the lockdown, which the World Health Organization warned. It was as if it had not yet arrived.

According to the Reuters news agency;

The most serious outbreak in a century has affected approximately two million people globally and killed more than 119,200 people. The epicenter moved from China, where the virus first came out to the United States in December, with more than 24,400 deaths.

Global leaders, considering ease of prevention, have to stability the dangers to health and the economy because supply lines have been strangled, especially in China, due to the lockdown, and the economic activities have to a virtual stop.
St. Louis Federal Reserve President James Bullard stated;

The closure would cost the U.S. economy $ 25 billion a day to restart the economy.

President Donald Trump, who has announced that he will decide to end the lockdown, recommended;

Some Democratic state governors are “rebellious” after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said he would also reject the ruling, which threatens to reverse the outburst.

According to the International Monetary Fund;

The global economy can shrink 3 percent this year.

The World Health Organization has said that new cases are popping up in parts of Europe, like Italy and Spain, but the outbreak is increasing in the U.K. and Turkey. 

According to WHO spokesman Margaret Harris;

“On the whole world’s outbreaks – 90% of cases are coming from Europe and the U.S. we are definitely not seeing the peak right now.”

But global stocks increased after Chinese trade data came out good than estimated, and a few countries incompletely lifted limitations.

A few Spanish businesses, including manufacturing and construction, were permitted to start again. Shops, bars, and public spaces remain closed until at least April 26.

Health Minister Salvador Illa stated on Tuesday;

Spain was spinning on a graph on behalf of the outburst rate. The death toll from the Coronavirus increased to 567 on Tuesday from 517 a day before, but the country has seen the smallest increase in new cases since March 18. The death toll was 18,056.

Some Spanish activists show the fear that the sanctions would have led to a softening of the infection. But for Roberto Aguayo, a 50-year-old Barcelona construction employee, the time for a resume came in only.

He expressed Reuters;

“We really require it; we give back to work while we eat.”

Italy, having the highest number of deaths of 21,067 people in the world, put some strict limitations on movement. While Denmark, one of the first European countries to close, on April 15, will reopen daycare centers and schools for children in first to fifth grade.

The Czech administration will step by step open stores and restaurants from April 20, even though it will be mandatory for the people to wear masks.

Thousands of shops reopened in Austria on Tuesday. But the government warned that the country was “not out of the woods.” Austria acted quickly to close schools, bars, theaters, restaurants, non-essential shops, and other gatherings about four weeks ago. It has asked people to remain at home.

The Alpine Republic has reported a total of 384 deaths. It is lower than some of the major European countries that are facing daily. Admission to the hospital is soothed.


The U.K., where the government has been criticized for its sluggish behavior and lack of access to protective equipment in relation to healthcare, is the fifth in the number of deaths globally.

The number of British hospitals increases to 12,107 on Monday.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said;

There would be no facilitation of lockdown steps when he came in for review this week.

The Times newspaper mentioned on Tuesday;

 Raab, representing Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is recovering from a COVID-19 infection, will increase the ban by at least May 7.

French President Emmanuel Macron extends the virtual lockdown on Monday, May 11.

India, the second populous country of the world after China, extends lockdown throughout the country until May 3.

After China crossed the number of Coronavirus cases, the world’s second-most populous country, by 10,000, it increased the lockdown nationwide by May 3. Neighbors Pakistan and Nepal also increased theirs restrains.

President Vladimir Putin stated on Monday;

Russia should have to call on the military to support the deal with the crisis. Moscow has warned that the capital will leave hospital beds in the coming weeks.

Official media reported that 79 new cases of the coronary virus were reported Monday in Heilongjiang, China’s northeastern border province.

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