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Prince Andrew may have ‘valuable‘Information.

The lawyer says Prince Andrew may have useful information about Epstein sex offenses. The U.S agencies are doing investigating. Because they want complete information about the crime committed by American sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and his associates. And they know that this information may have Britain’s, Prince Andrew. That’s why Prince Andrew has to face plenty of phone calls at the same time.

U.S Lawyers want to contact with Prince Andrew’s. Because they say, Prince Andrew can help them to find a real culprit. Hence, they said, if Jeffery Epstein is a real sex offender. They can quickly punish him. For this mission, they have to contact with the Prince. After the death of Epstein, he was facing charges of trafficking in underage girls. This was a lousy step of him. 

However, those girls were provided to sexual services to the powerful men. So, the rich men visit their richness properties in the Caribbean and enjoying as well. On Wednesday, the prince moved down from his royal duties in the age of 59 years. Thus, he stepped down with the approval of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. Last week he attended an interview. And then he tried to justify his well-documented ties to Epstein rebounded spectacularly. 

After Prince Andrew’s statement, people ask many questions to him. Therefore, the Charities and British educational institutions were attached for funds. Now they also have many questions about his statement. Because he tried to justify the Jeffery. Another real story is that the Prince has blame that he was doing sex with 17 years old girl. So, Jeffery provided with that girl for his (Prince Andrews) sexual pleasure. Now the U.S. attorney Gloria Allred said that Prince Andrew should contact American authorities. Thus, they must contact without conditions and delays. It is essential for the U.S. 

Prince Andrew’s Jeffrey Epstein Problem | The Daily Show
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