Ronnie O’Sullivan Is Making a Return to ‘Favorite Event’

Four years after he participated in his favorite event, Ronnie O’Sullivan is making his return to Championship League Snooker. This is great news for fans of the snooker player, especially those who like checking snooker betting odds during important events. The event has been taking place since 2008, but this year, fans are going to see a different version. COVID-19 doesn’t allow for the usual procedure, so safety procedures will be in place. 

Before being sure whether the player was going to return or not, he had his own requirements for the event. 

Concerns Over Food

Not long ago, O’Sullivan declared that he will not attend the Championship League unless he is allowed to bring his own food to the Marshall Arena complex. Apparently, the player is concerned due to coronavirus, so he is not on terms with getting the food that the hotel staff cooks. It could be too risky during the pandemic. 

Before being able to play the next day, all snooker players will have to take a nose and throat COVID-19 test. O’Sullivan made some statements. 

“So as long as my desire to stay healthy was respected and I could take my own food, once I heard of the other measures being taken, I was happy to play,” he said. “I don’t trust people cooking my own food at the hotel during these times. I have been told that will be okay, but you never know until you arrive there and see what happens. If I feel the food situation is not right and I am not allowed to bring in my own pre-prepared stuff, I will feel my health is the most important.”

The Championships League and O’Sullivan

Back in 2011, Ronnie wasn’t able to get out of the round-robin stage. Later, in 2016, he returned to the tournament, and then he was edged out 3-2 in the final by Judd Trump. Ever since, the player didn’t participate in the Championship League. In 2019, though, he declared that it’s his favorite event, but only as long as it’s in Essex. 

“I don’t enjoy these big events where everyone gets excited and starts making it into something that I don’t believe it is,’ said the player last year. “My favorite event was at Crondon Park, believe it or not. Round the corner, no one watching, go and play a quick best of five, have a cup of tea, go to the gym, go and play another best of five. I used to love that tournament, and I was disappointed when they moved it to Coventry.”

On Friday, the player is going to play Michael Georgiou, Chris Wakelin, and Kishan Hirani. Even if he didn’t touch his cue since February, he is excited to play in an event without crowds and the pressure they bring. 

“I haven’t missed not playing snooker one bit,” O’Sullivan declared. “I have done no practice whatsoever. Literally a couple of hours last week, and I’ll maybe do two or three hours before I play on Friday.”

O’Sullivan will play against Hirani first, so if you are into online snooker betting, you better check snooker betting odds. 

Final Thoughts

It will be exciting to see O’Sullivan playing again. Now that there will be no crowd, maybe his performance is going to improve.

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