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U.K awakens life under lockdown after government constricts coronavirus limitations

The government of the U.K. has stiffened the restraints on the British public in a bid to enclose the spread of the coronavirus in the state. All nonessential places and buildings are locked up to Tuesday morning. All social events like baptisms and weddings are also stopped.

The government advises people to stay at home. There is advice to just leave home for the necessary visits to get medicines and food. The people can also go out to provide essential care can travel if very necessary. You can also go out for exercise once a day.

PM Boris Johnson stated in the T.V. address that “you should stay at home.” 

He further said that “serious thing we should do is to stop the virus before getting more spread between households.” 

The public has permission to leave their homes only for the following few purposes.

  • To get the things of basic necessities.
  • For one type of exercise once in a day, like a walk, run, or cycle
  • For any kind of medical requirements
  • Traveling for work

If anyone obeys the government instructions, police have powers to fine him. Now it is the responsibility to implement the measures and disperse gatherings. Though it is very difficult to obey the rules. The PM of the U.K. said that the government will reconsider the rules within three weeks and will provide the relaxation if possible.

On Monday, after members of the parliament of the U.K discussed emergency legislation designed to provide the government more powers, the strict rules came. It can be helpful to enforce the rules to control the coronavirus. The members of the public are also criticized for not staying at home. Pleasant weather also forces the public to visit the national parks and seashores crossways the U.K. In this way, and the gathering violate the government’s advice to keep social distancing.

At Monday evening- Johnson stated;

“The coronavirus is the main danger this country has confronted for years. This country is not a single one to face this problem. Further, he said that all around the globe is facing the overwhelming effect of this unseen killer.”

The U.K.’s Department of Health reported;

The confirmed worldwide cases increased to 350,000. There are more than and15, 000 deaths. In the U.K. as of Mar 23, there are 6,650 definite coronavirus cases, and 335 people have expired due to the virus.

The government is texting people crossways the U.K. to notify them of the new instructions proclaimed by the prime minister. 

“The NHS is performing everything as it can and making for the spread of this virus.  If people visit in the two meters of others whom they are not living with, then they are supporting the virus to feast. In this way, it affects human lives and remains there for a long time. 

Several European countries imposed strict social distancing procedures than those in the U.K. Germany forbid groups of more than two people assembly. France and Italy imposed penalties if anyone will go outside his home without any solid reason. 

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