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West Virginia Coronavirus Update no confirmed cases yet COVID-19

DHHR reports no confirmed cases of Coronavirus in West Virginia, which makes them only state without confirmed COVID-19 case.

Due to the emerging health threat posed by #COVID19, I have ordered the closure of all pre-K through 12th grade schools in #WV. This was a very difficult decision but I know in my heart this is the right thing to do to help protect all WVians. #WVGov

Locally, Belmont County confirmed it’s first two cases on Friday and the PA Department of Health is also reporting one positive case in Washington County.

For updates on pending COVID-19 cases in West Virginia, please visit the website of the state’s Health and Human Resources Department.

  • West Virginia’s coronavirus testing criteria causing frustration
  • West Virginia Public Health Commissioner Dr. Cathy Slemp said Friday there’s not enough testing kits for everyone.
  • Because of the shortage, patients have to meet certain criteria provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • To be tested, you must have a credible reason for exposure, such as traveling to an area with an outbreak.
  • “The recommendations are pretty standard, that there are criteria about doing this,” Slemp said.
  • For some, though, the lack of testing can be frustrating if they don’t meet that criteria.
  • “Even though I have the symptoms of the coronavirus supposedly you need to rule out the flu, rule out the respiratory panels, and if those are all negative, then they’ll give you the tests,” Donna Joy, of Shepherdstown, said.
  • Joy spent Friday sick in the Berkley Medical Center in Martinsburg, taking multiple tests that came back negative, but when it came time to test for the coronavirus, she said doctors told her tests weren’t available.
  • “The doctor says ‘I don’t even know if we can test you,’” Joy said. “’We don’t even have that capability here.’”
  • Joy said if she is still feeling sick by Monday, she is going to try to go to another state to be tested.


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