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Gunman Tempests Sikh Complex in Kabul, murder 25

Afghan officials stated;

KABUL, Afghanistan — A gunman attack on a Sikh temple and public center in Kabul on Wednesday. In this attack, at least 25 people killed and several hostages.

The assault on the shrine and community remain to continue for six hours. Eighty are being saved.

Ahmad Tariq Arian, the internal ministry presenter stated;

Eight civilians were injured, and 80 hostages were saved in this assault.

Up to 20 Sikh families existed at the center. The attacker assaulted in the early morning hours.

According to the interior minister;

The police were rapidly controlling and clearing the center.

Anarkali Kaur Honaryar, who was shifting dead bodies, mentioned that just one of those killed was a Muslim. He was protecting the shrine. Most of the killed were Sikhs, also counting one child.

At a Kabul hospital, Mohan Singh, who was in the Gurdwara at the time of the assault, expressed AP;

When he heard the voice of firings, he dove for shelter under a table. Later, he heard the sound of blasts, saying that he is certain they were hand grenades. He got wounds when portions of the ceiling fell on him.

Site Intelligence Group that control militant media sites stated;

Islamic State supporters also take responsibility for the assault.

Hindus and Sikhs, once totaling in the hundreds of thousands in the country, are the oppressed minorities in Afghanistan. They have been often assaulted in recent years. In July 2018, a suicide bomber assaulted on a large group. This crowd was waiting to see President Ashraf Ghani in Nangarhar Province. The explosion murdered 17, also counting an applicant for Parliament.

Public leaders also guess that only a group of hundred Hindu and Sikh families live in Afghanistan. Others are traveling to India or the West from the past four eras.

Local officials reported;

In another place in the country, a lorry carrying citizens was also blown up by a roadside shell in the Musa Qala district of southern Helmand Province. In this attack, eight people died counting children.

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