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Swapnil Devre Shares Key Insights About Why Digital Ads Affect Your Luxury Brand Negatively

The negative ramifications of digital marketing on luxury brands and why many premium brands are choosing to completely pull out of digital marketing as shared by Swapnil Devre based on his experience with Luxury Real Estate Agencies and PR.

Swapnil Devre shared this through his blog that people perceive media ads and digital ads differently. Perhaps because media is expensive and hard to advertise on and not everyone can be featured on these platforms and digital ads can be run by an unemployed guy sitting in his parent’s basement with $20 in his ad account.

The platform where you present your product matters. Rolls Royce doesn’t showcase their cars in auto expos they present their cars along with Private Jets and at Yacht expos.

Swapnil Devre is the Founder of the company Upstage Media and after working with luxury real estate agencies he has found out that social media platforms are not the ideal places for luxury or premium brands to exist. The overall vibe of social media and digital ads is kind of chaotic and for the lack of a better word feels cheap, it’s like selling designer brands at an open market in Bangkok.

Swapnil Devre was quoted saying that “The customer experience isn’t as best as it could be. Social media lacks the premium appeal and is detrimental to the luxury products. They tarnish the brand image and people start to associate the brand with normal things.

If you want to stand out of the crowd then don’t go where the crowd is. It’s best to stand alone where you control the vibe or move to a premium ground that is off-limits for mere mortals.”

Swapnil Devre also suggested that Luxury Real Estate agencies, entrepreneurs with premium products shouldn’t jump onto the digital marketing bandwagon. Instead, aim for off-limit digital areas for promotion like Mat Releases on News Publications. Advertorials or sponsored content on high-end digital magazines.

This automatically implies that your product is better than others, you don’t have to sell the idea that you are the best in the market. The platform does it for you and it does a good job at that. 

Swapnil Devre said on another blog related to PR that the ad recall rate on social media is so low that most brands are struggling to get noticed let alone create a brand image that screams luxury. There is too much noise and too much chaos. The sheer number of people on social media is its strength but also its weakness, unfortunately.

Premium and luxury brands don’t need to completely avoid the digital world, however. News networks put out many different types of content, some paid some are earned. For example news reports, featured stories, opinion pieces, press releases, mat/matte releases, advertorials, and sponsored content. It’s up to you to decide which is the best option for you. Many PR professionals and agencies can help you craft the perfect brand image that maintains its superiority over other meager brands.

Swapnil Devre is the Founder and CEO of Upstage Media. You can connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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