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Why it is Important to use the Plagiarism Checker

The Peachy Essay plagiarism checking tool and some of the most important reasons why you should use the tool to check your work. 

All students aim all their efforts towards achieving academic success. At the college or university level, this involves completing a wide range of essays and academic assignments that need to meet certain criteria. Academic papers and assignments play a huge role in the life of the student as well as that of their assessors in identifying their degree of understanding in a given area of study. Prior to joining institutions of higher education, students are needed to have some essay writing experience in order to write good application essays. Once they exhibit this capacity and are successfully able to join their institutions of choice, they need to continue writing essays in courses across the humanities. The instructors, on the other hand, assign the essays in a bid to measure understanding of course materials, critical thinking skills of the students, and writing skills. All essays submitted at the university level ought to be written from scratch and free of any instances of plagiarism in order to be accepted. In this article, we explore some of the most important reasons why students should always make use of a good plagiarism checker when writing academic essays and other papers.

Plagiarism is considered a major academic crime in universities all over the globe. At this level of education, originality is probably the first thing that will be checked for in your essays even before your instructor can get to the actual reading of the paper. This is because it is not worth reading something, especially a long essay, which was lifted from the internet or from any other source of information. By definition, plagiarism alludes to the act of passing off work or ideas that are not originally your own as yours without the consent of the original author. This usually arises when you fail to offer full acknowledgement to the individual. The only way that you can avoid plagiarism as a writer is to make sure that you cite the sources where you get your work in case you need to borrow the ideas of another author. Plagiarism is not taken for granted at the university, and you should always ensure that you take all relevant measures to avoid its consequences. One of the best-known ways is to use good plagiarism like the one offered on the Peachy Essay website. Not only is the tool very accurate, but it has also helped thousands of students to submit great quality essays that are worthy of a good grade. Below are the important reasons why you should always use this great tool.


The free plagiarism checker is a well-designed tool that offers the most accurate results. When you submit your essay, it explores millions of websites and checks if any of the content is similar to that written in your paper. It will then present you with results that contain links to that particular website where you got the content. Using the manual method to check out all the sources without using the checker can be a time-consuming process that is complicated by errors. The tool is able to identify passages of text that are similar to website content, including passages that are paraphrased, which makes it very difficult to fool the tools.

Easy to use

The Peachy Essay free plagiarism checker is an easy to use tool that does not require any form of training or education to utilize. The user interface is simple, and all you need to do is to enter the text that you need to check or even attach the entire document. The tool then checks your content against billions of websites and tries to identify where your content may have been picked. Any person can use this tool. Unlike other tools on the online platform where you need to use dozens of training videos and user manuals, the checker allows you to get direct to the point which is very time-saving.

Helps you save times and reduce the stress associated with the manual process

The modern world and the busy nature of students requires you to use methods that can help you save time and also your stress levels. The manual method of checking for plagiarism would ideally involve exploring millions of websites and other sources of information and try and compare them to your paper. This can be a very hectic process, and it would contain numerous errors since you would need to read word-for-word and line after line of text and make sure that it is not similar to your own. When you use the plagiarism checker, it cuts out all the work since you just need to input your document into the tool and it does all the work on your behalf.

Helps you to identify duplicate content in your work

Using the plagiarism checker is a great way to identify duplicate content in your work. The tool provides links to the source where the text was plagiarized, and you can easily access these sources online. This offers you substantial evidence that you can use to identify whether your text really contains plagiarism or not. It also allows you the opportunity to compare the source text to your paper and determine whether your style of writing is good enough. In academic writing, it is always very important to ensure that you learn new things by comparing your writing to that of others.

Very fast output

The free plagiarism checker is a super-fast working tool that produces results in a matter of seconds. This great tool explores millions of websites and other sources of information and then highlights all the parts that appear similar to your text. This not only enables you to dedicate your time to other activities, but it also reduces the time spent writing essays since you get your results very fast and you can submit your checked work on time.

Shows the percentage of your content that is similar to other sources

When you check your work using the free online checker, the tool provides you with a percentage of the content that is similar to the source text. You are able to judge your writing prowess since you can tell the amount of your work that is unique. In most cases, you are supposed to ensure that a large percentage of your text is unique in order to meet the standards set by your university. Most of the institutions of higher learning always make use of this tool to make sure that you do not copy all your content from other sources.

Academic writing is always very challenging, and there are many rules that you need to follow in order to make sure that you perform well. Plagiarism is a major challenge to most students, and you should always make sure that you use the right tools to check your work and make sure that it is always unique. The Peachy Essay free plagiarism checker is a great tool that will always make sure that attain the best results. Not only is this tool extremely convenient and useable, but it is also one of the best on the online platform, and you will always get the most accurate results.

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